Do you test on animals?

Hell no. We do cuddle, pet, and take photos of them a lot though. Donate to them, too.

Is it okay to use my fingers with the product? Or do I have to use cotton pads and wipes?

Fingers, pads, washers, sponges, muslin; doesn’t matter what you prefer, as long as it’s clean and it gets the job done.

Can I mix BFF products with other products, like other makeup and skincare?

Of course. BFF is friends with all kinds of beauty and bathroom products. However, to maximise results and isolate your treatment, we advise sticking to only BFF skincare as they’re built to work together.

How often should I use BFF?

AM, PM, and post workout for best results.

How do I take care of my BFF?

We’re pretty low maintenance. Just store us in a normal place - aka not in the sauna or fridge.