Probiotic Daily Moisturiser


You’ve cleansed, toned and serum’d (we may have made that last one up): now it’s time to lock all the goodness in with a creamy moisturiser. Two kinds of probiotics prevent skin sensitivity and redness by boosting your skin’s resilience over time. Niacinamide works to fortify your moisture barrier, and vitamin E goes the extra mile to nourish and renew your skin. We’ve formulated this moisturiser to give all skin types the perfect amount of nourishment, and it’s delivered through a plush cream that won’t leave any heavy or greasy feeling.

Our moisturiser is a smooth operator with two key functions. Its calming: the soothing ingredients give your skin daily comfort and support. It’s also strengthening: it whips your skin into shape by sealing in hydration, preventing dryness and keeping your moisture barrier in tip-top condition. So, it’s a bit two-faced, but in the best way possible.