Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not happy with the product. How do refunds work? I need to change my order OR cancel. What do I do? I got the incorrect order. Send help.My order was: a) pretty late, or b) really damaged. I think my product is faulty. Can I swap?

Our products go through strict quality control, also known as Dave. Dave overseas everything leaving our warehouse. If he’s happy, we’re happy. If Dave missed something, please let us know via and we’ll fix. Dave will also apologise.

 Another fun fact about Dave is that he does not gatekeep (umm hello hot). So if you are a wanna be Nancy Drew or just have some burning questions that need to be extinguished, click on the links below! They are full of lots of fun and helpful information that will definitely put the A to your Q ( did someone say romance?). 

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