Probiotic + Blue Light Protection Cream


It’s time to say sayonara to seriously stressed out and lacklustre skin with BFF’s Probiotic + Blue Light Protection Cream.

With a lightweight protective formula, this skin saviour prevents skin from feeling and looking a little ‘meh’ because of environmental stressors and blue light exposure from your phone or computer (such twenty-first century problems). Rich in powerful antioxidants that deeply moisturise, this cream fights free radicals to keep your skin bouncy and radiant, whilst balancing irritable skin with a probiotic ferment – now that’s cool.

To all the multi-taskers out there, press pause on digital aging and befriend good bacteria with this skin-loving super cream. Its jam packed with powerful actives that hydrate and nourish while defending the skin against blue light and pollution. So say goodbye to twenty-first century skin stressors and start putting your Best Face Forward with the Probiotic + Blue Light Protection Cream.