*Grooves to From Now On, The Greatest Showman*

Oh, hi fellow internet colleagues, I didn't see you there. I was just too busy 'Tiktoking', you know, the thing that all the cool kids do. 
Speaking of cool, I highly recommend that you take a cheeky look at our well researched, super sonic superstar list of our fave Tiktokers. Your Tiktok fyp page will thank you!

1. The one and only Butter Pasta extraordinaire, @trishlikefish88

I don't know about you, but when a Trisha Paytas Tiktok sneaks it's way onto my FYP page, my whole afternoon is now dedicated to some masterful mukbanging, iconic musical interpretations and the spillage of straight facts. She is an unapologetic queen and I can't help but stan! 

2. The retro queen of all of our content dreams, @MarisJones 

A self-proclaimed time traveller, Maris Jones is a content creator for the ages! With an eclectic creative vision, Maris blends nostalgia with the current to create worlds that are saturated with colour, humour and all things pop culture. When I grow up, I want to be just like her, she is that cool! 

3. The only human that I will ever teacher student role-play with, @artbydemarcusshawn

If you are looking for some quality Tiktok content to watch at 2am in the morning, look no further! I am a sucker for some school yard nostalgia and Demarcus provides the obnoxiously gum chewing teacher goods. With a variety of teacher caricatures under his belt that are so spot on, you can't help but be engrossed in his creative comedy. I mean, 44.7 million people have viewed one of his videos, THE POWER ! 

4. Release the hair tutorial @Bretman Rock 

One word comes to mind when thinking about Bretman Rock and that is DREAM BOAT! Literally, with the beautiful Hawaiian landscape as his backdrop and his beautiful plant babies his videos just SCREAM serenity. I can't help it, I just love him! 

5. I do believe in Fairies @solanathagreenfairy

The queen of my heart! If you haven't already stumbled across her exquisite Tiktok, I highly suggest you do! Solana is a singer, an aspiring fairy to be and a beautifully unapologetic figure campaigning for womn's rights and BLM! In her videos she breaks down taboos surrounding idealised bodies and opens up respectful conversations surrounding body positivity. She deserves some fairy wings, she is magical! 

6. She is Stardom @AjClementine 

Just letting you guys know, that I am petitioning for Aj Clementine to run for Prime Minister in the next election, she certainly has my vote. A modern day Cinderella, Aj Clementine is a fierce example of raw queer power. Aj is a LGBTQIA+ activist that is breaking down gender boundaries and re-defining what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. She is nothing short of incredible! 

Thanks so much for reading my list of my favourite Tiktokers. Before you go, I have one more Tiktok page that I would like to promote. 

*looks around bashfully*

There is this one page that has really funny videos about skincare, it's so relatable, like I am obsessed with this page .... @bff.skincare

There is nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion here and there!