There are a lot of toners out there: some lightly refresh skin, some remove excess lipids, some chemically exfoliate cells, and some just smell nice and look pretty on shelves.

You need to find one that’s right for your skin.

If you’re struggling with acne and all the things that come with it - like swelling, redness, scarring, uneven tone, recurring infections, oily AND flaky skin on the same day, and breakouts that surprise and spread - then you’ve found the toner that’s right for you.

Now you’ve got it, how do you use Toner?

1: Cleanse your face.

Finding and using toner - cleanse

This can be done in the shower, over the sink, in the backyard with a hose, etc. Though we’d advise against that last one.

2: Get some toner on your hands or on a cotton pad then apply.

Finding and using Toner - apply

You need enough to cover your whole face. Now dab, dab, dab, dab, wetting your face all over.

3: Leave to absorb.

 Do activities whilst you wait.

4: Get serum’d.

Get serumed

Put a bit in your hands + massage all over your face, avoiding your eyes. It might feel a little oily at first but it’ll soon absorb in, leaving your skin happy, healthy, and smiley.

Finding and using toner - all done

Ta-da. You doneeeee.