For decades, we were resolved to the idea that toothpaste was the closest we could get to a direct pimple plan...

Other zit fighting attempts have included hydrocortisone cream, cortisone injections, crushed aspirin, and eye drops.

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Not anymore.

SAY GOODBYE TO TOOTHPASTE DOTS ALL OVER OUR FACE!!!!!! (Please keep using toothpaste twice a day on your teeth though.) And say hello to skin that feels healthy, happy, and blemish-free.

The pimple patch is the best friend we’ve always dreamed about; discrete, fast-acting, and effective.

Designed with complementary ingredients, it works hand-in-hand with the rest of your BFF routine. So instead of ingredients fighting and undermining each other, you’ve got a skin routine that works together.


Finally, after years of mixing, matching and googling how to get better skin and deal with the erupting volcano on our face, we have a holistic, considered, and comprehensive skin routine; one that targets all stages of a breakout, from beginning to end; one that stops pimples popping up in the first place, minimises them when they do, and helps your skin heal and recover afterwards.

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Can we get a ‘praise be’?