They’re little stickers you stick on your pimple to stop them being pimple’y.

We use patches, not creams, for a few good reasons:

🙏 A patch stops curious fingers from scratching, poking, and popping, which can make pimples WAY worse.

🙏It prevents external disruptors, like debris, excess oil, and dead skin cells that can inflame and contaminate the infection.

🙏It’s a discreet cover up - and a much healthier, cleaner alternative to layering on cover-up.

🙏It absorbs moisture from your pimple, drawing gunk out of your skin and into the patch. (You’ll legit see the pimple on your patch when you peel it off later.)

🙏It stops your pimple from drying out completely, which speeds up healing time.

Aside from being a good barrier, we also lace the sticker with effective, targeted ingredients to dramatically reduce pimples. Meet: Tea Tree Oil + BHA.  

BHA penetrates deep into your skin, breaking up layers of sebum, dead skin, bacteria, and anything else clogging your skin. It’s also rich in antibacterial properties, so it stops bacteria from spreading.

Meanwhile, Tea Tree Oil is great at regulating oil production; one of the main triggers of acne. It’s also antiseptic, so it’ll reduce infection and maximize your skin’s recovery.


AND if that wasn’t enough, they’re both anti-inflammatory, so they’ll minimise redness and swelling.

TL;DR: Your pimple HATES this patch.

You can use them all over your face, whenever your skin decides to be a pain in the ass and throw a pimple tantrum.