The middle step in our skin routine, it’s often got the biggest !#@!?* around it. Cleansing makes sense; you need to clean. Moisturising is a given; skin needs moisture. But toner? Huh?

It looks like water, yes, but this deceptive liquid is full of great things that work to refine and clean pores. Essentially prepping your skin to properly absorb moisturiser and serum.

What is toner?

Which is enough on its own if you were born with perfect angel skin, but in reality, most of us need a little more TLC from our toner. Hence we made the BFF Clarifying Toner, so those of us with acne-prone skin would be taken care of.

It’s uniquely built to do key things like:

✅ Deeply clear and clean pores

✅ Break down sebum, excess oil, and blackheads

✅ Remove debris and dead skin cells

✅ Control oil production

✅ Hydrate and nourish deep into your pores

✅ Rejuvenate and heal damaged skin cells

✅ Kill acne-causing bacteria

✅ Reduce infections

✅ Minimise angry, inflamed skin

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Still with us? It’s a lot, we know. You should’ve seen our faces when talking to the dermatologists who helped us formulate it. Shook.

In short, toner is a really important, and often underrated, part of your skin routine.

It’s really easy to use and it’s really good for your skin, so use it.